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So, Reels the deal.

Did you catch our latest SwiftTip for the week? No? Not to worry, there is always #replay. This week, we talked briefly about reels, what they are and how they can be useful to help you grow your business and your audience.

So, reels the deal! Get it? "Here's the deal or reels the deal. :) A little play on words. Reels are a fun way to expand your audience and grow your following on social media. They are not long, drawn out videos. They are short clips that you can have fun with. If you are familiar with TikTok, that is exactly how reels work. Reels can be used on Instagram and Facebook.

Take some time to play around with them and see if you like them. See if this is something you can incorporate into your marketing strategy. This can be another way to catch the eyes of more viewers.

Some reels may take more time to create than others, depending on how creative you want to be. The more creative you want to be with your reels, the more work you might need to put into creating reels. Some reels are short, sweet and to the point and generate lots of traffic, so no need to stress about putting lots of time into creating these.

Make sure you check out the reels of the accounts you follow on Instagram or Facebook. Those may spark some good ideas for you and what you can do for your business. Have fun with it and explore!

Also, feel free to tag us in your reels when you post! We would love to see! Follow us on Instagram.

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