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Let's talk about hashtags #

Today, we released our SwiftTip of the week on hashtags. A lot of people do not know how hashtags work. That is where we come in. We are here to educate you on tips that can help you grow your business, reach your target audience and build engagement.

Hashtags can be very useful. Hashtags allow viewers to search specific topics, events and other useful things that may interest them or that are trending topics on social media. Most times, hashtags are used for holidays, political events, special days and more.

For instance, if you search the hashtag #swifttise, you will see all of our content come up under that hashtag. We also use the hashtag #swifttips to help our viewers find all of our SwiftTips in one place. We find this tool very helpful for our audience, those who are looking to learn different tips and tools for utilizing their social media platforms. WE LOVE IT!

We encourage all of our clients to use hashtags related to their business. The more you use them, the more you will get your content seen and out there for the public. If you want to hear a snippet of our tip about hashtags, visit our website: or you can visit our YouTube page. We would love to hear feedback on how your use of hashtags is going!

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