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Have you planned your Vacation?

Today for our SwiftTip, we discussed taking a vacation! It is necessary! It promotes clearer thinking, which can help you when you are planning and thinking of the future for your business.

We always like to promote working smarter and not harder, so we encourage beginning the process early. Do your research! DO NOT WAIT UNTIL DECEMBER to start planning for the first quarter of the new year. You must start now!

It's August. So we suggest, getting your ideas and any changes that you want to make written down on paper. Then when the fall months approach, you can begin to think of a strategy to roll out these changes. Wether if it's financial changes, staff changes, content creation and planning. Get your ideas written now before you forget them.

Sometimes life can get busy and we can lose track of the priorities we have in our own personal lives. It's helpful to utilize all the tools you have available to you to help you stay on task and meet your deadlines so that when 2023 comes, you are ready to go.

One of the main things we focused on during today's SwiftTip was taking vacations! Vacations help you reset, refocus, rejuvenate, and reboot for all the plans you have to do. We highly suggest taking a vacation this month. If you have not planned one, take one! It doesn’t have to be a long drawn out vacation, but something long enough for you to be able to think. You need a clear head to think about big changes and plans for your business. Eliminate the distractions around you so you can take care of the needs for your business.

So start planning that trip! Get your ideas written on paper! Start implementing your goals and plans for 2023! You will thank us later! Feel free to reach out to us to help you with any planning that you may be stuck in. We are always here to help where we can! :)

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